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"We LOVED your "Seeing the Light" tour in Santorini!  Coming home with such amazing photos was such a treat.  Thank you so much for helping us adjust our camera settings and learn to really use light and shooting angles to make our photos come to life.  You were so enthusiastic yet (fortunately) patient with us, and we really appreciated your taking us to a variety of scenic locations. We hope to return soon!"
Nancy & Terry, USA

"Wow! We had such a great time with you! I don't think we could have found so many places to shop in such a short time. Exactly what we wanted. Thank you!"
Jen & Bob D, USA

"We just got back from our cruise and I am currently downloading almost 2000 pictures!!!  I'm so glad the tour with you was at the start of our trip. Now I'm so excited to see how my pictures turned out! I will definitely send some photos your way for you to see and criticize.
I also would like to thank you Judy for bringing us to that artwork shop in Santorini. We actually came back and bought 2 paintings as souvenirs.  Hope to join you again in the years to come. I have already given your website to friends who were interested.  
Have a great day!"
Leila M, USA

" sister and I really enjoyed our cruise, and spending the morning with you on Santorini was one of the highlights of our trip. What a fun time, and a perfect mix of sights, shopping, and coffee..."
Barbara & Colleen, Canada

"Shopping for a living - what a perfect job for you (highly envious!). Thanks for showing me the best of Santorini. Hugs!"
Maria H, UK