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"Wow! We had such a great time with you! I don't think we could have found so many places to shop in such a short time. Exactly what we wanted. Thank you!"
Jen & Bob D, USA

"We just got back from our cruise and I am currently downloading almost 2000 pictures!!!  I'm so glad the tour with you was at the start of our trip. Now I'm so excited to see how my pictures turned out! I will definitely send some photos your way for you to see and criticize.
I also would like to thank you  for bringing us to that artwork shop in Santorini. We actually came back and bought 2 paintings as souvenirs.  Hope to join you again in the years to come. I have already given your website to friends who were interested.  
Have a great day!"
Leila M, USA

" sister and I really enjoyed our cruise, and spending the morning with you on Santorini was one of the highlights of our trip. What a fun time, and a perfect mix of sights, shopping, and coffee..."
Barbara & Colleen, Canada

"Shopping for a living - what a perfect job for you (highly envious!). Thanks for showing me the best of Santorini. Hugs!"
Maria H, UK