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I adore shopping...

I absolutely adore shopping on Santorini. I love boutique shopping, with the ambience of scenic beauty, architectural style and talented artisans with shops brimming with exquisite and unique finds.

For me I find it a sense of adventure to shop. Ever curious, I love to ask questions and know what and where items are made. I was thrilled to find out the olive wood products are actually made on Santorini. The wood is not grown here, as I assumed, as we only have a few pockets of olive groves, so that is why I asked about where it is made. 
We have our own workshop here on Santorini. I find out that it is illegal in Greece to chop down an olive tree or even a part of the tree. It is as serious as manslaughter the shop owner told me, leaning towards me with a serious stern look.  Even with your own olive tree someone from the council has to come and oversee the pruning. Crickey!  Back in New Zealand I had planted about 30 trees - just as well I have not planted them in Greece! The owner goes on to explain the importance of the Greek olive trees, as they filter the air, they are wind breakers. You can only get permission to cut the tree if it is bothering something. If you are building a house you cannot cut an olive tree you must build around it. Even shopping is educational!
I have travelled through a lot of Greece and I love olive wood to use in the kitchen, so I am always keen to see what designs and how much items are.
I purchased something I haven't seen any where else a fish olive wood ladle. I have the honey spool and I adore the flat palette knives. A must-have travel item for me. No metal blade, so o.k for hand luggage on planes, and oh so handy and I feel they are quicker to use than just a knife for spreads.
I have chopping boards, ladles, stirrers and of course an olive stabber, I don't know what else to call it, but every one who likes olives needs at least one! Perfect little gifts too.
Well even hand bags and wallets are made here on Santorini. Good prices and in an array of colours in soft leathers. I got my sister one of these I liked them so much. I bought her a really small one so she could have it on hand in her gym bag.
If you like jewellery, then Santorini excels. From six euros to the sky is the limit. A lovely momento that when wearing brings back the Santorini experience. There are available volcanic lava creations, modern fashion jewellery and gold and silver hand made pieces. My father had a large company wholesaling jewellery so I have seen and owned more than my fair share of jewellery. You can find really special creations on Santorini.
Clothing, yes indeed - from stylish to casual light linens. Being on a Mediterranean  island basking in sunshine and warmth with white huddled homes and shops this is really an environment for celebrating with light-weight clothing. Santorini - it's ambience of idyllic-ness with people floating by in layers of white cottons and bright colours. For me I see it as a moving painting with people in holiday mode, smiling, in love with the whole experience. It truly is worthy of the praise I give it. 
So much choice, where does one shop? Well there is a range of options and prices. I have found an exquisite range of Greek-designed clothing for those of you wanting something fun and unique, girls clothing too.  Bought a selection for myself I was so impressed, and as a traveller wanting clothes that are easy care no ironing, throw in the wash. Well this range has excelled, so much so it brings smiles to people I pass when I am wearing it! I am constantly asked where I bought my dresses, or did I make it?!
My husband even wants me to buy more!!!! Now that's a winner.

Well I hope this gives you a small idea of some of the items that make for a selection of possible ideas for you or gifts for loved ones. Judy

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