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Discover Art, Food, & Shopping on Santorini

OK - so you're visiting Santorini and you have limited time. What you want is someone who can show you all the best places to see, to shop, to eat, and generally to have a great holiday. What you need is ME - Tanya CK - your new Best Friend!

Together we can enjoy the highlights I have found. Maximise your time on holiday with my years of research, while having fun, exploring and enjoying this Mediterranean treasure trove.

Plus I'll give you handy hints and tips for the rest of your holiday too (or for your return visit). This is a fabulous way to start your vacation. If you're visiting on a cruise ship, it's the perfect shore excursion to pack in as much as possible with the limited time you have.

Time together is private and personalised to your wishes. When you book, the tour is just for you, so we can focus on whatever interests you most. Or we can do a bit of each. Some examples include:

  • shopping / window shopping (clothes, jewellery, souvenirs, paintings, art, sculpture, pottery, books, footwear, handbags, quilts, wallets, olive-wood kitchen products, Greek cosmetics and body products, gifts, food)...
  • wine / food tasting: beer sampling, wine tasting, olive oil, traditional foods, bakery/cakes, ice cream, restaurants...
  • photography: great photo spots to capture your perfect memories of this amazing place...
  • culture: churches, villages, discovering the heartbeat of Santorini...


Here's the options for your private Art Food Shopping tour with Tanya:

4 hours: €345 for 1-2 people, plus €40 per extra person

5 hours: €445 for 1-2 people, plus €50 per extra person

6 hours: €545 for 1-2 people, plus €60 per extra person

7 hours: €645 for 1-2 people, plus €70 per extra person

8 hours: €745 for 1-2 people, plus €80 per extra person

How long will I need?  I am asked this a lot, and the best answer I can give you as an example is when my parents-in-law visited recently. I spent a week showing them around Santorini, and even with that amount of time, we didn't get to see everything. There's a lot to see and do!

What is not included?  Any purchases you wish to make, including food, drinks, shopping items etc. I will show you all the great places for the best selection of what you would like to see, but then it's up to you.