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About Tanya...


Tanya  lives on Santorini island permanently and moved here from the U.K with her Greek husband Ilias. He introduced her to the cuisine, the history, the Greek products, the natural beauty and of course that famous blue sky. It was Tanya and Ilias’s dream to move to Santorini, they are both settled and enjoying their lives here on the island. The people of Santorini have welcomed Tanya with open arms and she is currently learning the language, ‘Very slowly’, but I’m getting better’ she says!    


Tanya has an extrovert personality, a great sense of humour but is also a very good listener, she understands what people want but also has great ideas and energy. Tanya is excited to show you what Santorini has to offer, she wants to share with you all of the wonders to ensure that your holiday/vacation is unforgettable. Shopping and trying new cuisine gives Tanya a lot of pleasure and she says that sharing this with other people is even more fun. ‘I love it when clients find something that they love on the island, art painted by a local artist, a piece of handmade jewellery, or they taste a Greek dish for the first time, it always makes me smile’.


Tanya is half British and half Irish, she lived in the USA for many years in Boston and Minneapolis. She has a grown up son Jamie who recently moved to India, he loves coming to visit Santorini to escape from his hectic lifestyle.


Tanya spent many years working in Human Resources in the UK, working for a variety of organisations, she loved the variety of HR, however she missed not being able to be creative in her role. This is where her passion for art, food and shopping kept her sane! She really enjoyed upcycling furniture and found the hobby incredibly therapeutic. ‘My home in the UK was painted white inside, I tried to recreate a piece of Greece, but without the sunshine it was not quite the same as the real thing’.


She has travelled throughout Europe, Cuba, North Africa, South East Asia and U.S.A. Each country she visited she  immersed herself in the culture, the food and of course the people. Tanya brought a piece of each country back to her home; artwork, jewellery, handbags, spices and authentic products all serving as a reminder to her when she returned to the U.K. She often had products shipped back after she left, as there was never enough room in her suitcase.


Tanya is delighted to welcome you to Santorini and guarantees that you will have a delightful experience. She is keen to share with you the tasty Greek cusine and the amazing local wine. She will show you the delights of the boutiques, quirky shops and art galleries. Most items can be shipped to your home, if there isn’t enough room in your suitcase! Tanya wants you to have an unforgettable experience and she will endeavour to accommodate your requirements.